Yet another prisoner puzzle

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6 thoughts on “Yet another prisoner puzzle

    1. Simple solution:
      Let’s give each square an index between 0..63
      Define Signature(board) to be the XOR of all the indices of the squares for which there is a Heads coin (which is always a number in the range 0..63)
      First player calculates this for the board he sees, let’s call the result A. Let’s say magic number is B (again between 0..63). First player now flips the coin in square C = A XOR B. The signature of the new board is now B. Second player enters the room, calculates the signatures and says B.

      1. Yes Asaf, I think this is indeed the most concise way to formulate the solution.

        I’m not sure how much of my post you read but your strategy is exactly what I describe in part (c). (The ‘Signature’ which you define is what I call the hash function.)

        Anyway, thanks for your interest!

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