Dublin bikes revisited

Moved to here. Have a nice day 😁

14 thoughts on “Dublin bikes revisited

  1. Hi, thanks for the concluding post.

    Regarding weather, in case you’re unaware, there are a number of amateurs who output data from their weather stations here (http://www.irelandsweather.com/). None of them are central to Dublin but they would give you higher resolution. The National Roads Authority also seem to put their weather data up but it’s unavailable at the moment so I don’t know if any of those would be more central.

    1. Thanks. That weather data is a big improvement. I wish I’d known about it before but I’m still very interested to see it now anyway so thanks for pointing me to it.

  2. Hi there – enjoying your analysis of the DB data – you might be interested in an Android app that also uses the feed – search for “BikeDroid” in the Marketplace – it displays a “real-time” map of the Dublin bike stations.

      1. Thanks Jason. I’m glad you’re interested and grateful for this good tip on where to get weather data. I did not know about NOAA so this is very helpful.

  3. Hi Oliver,

    I’m doing something quite similar for my final year thesis/dissertation. I was wondering whether it would be possible to get those data links for the other cities. I’m sure it would make for some interesting reading.


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